How to choose a penny auction site?

There are hundreds of penny auction sites out there. Generally, you must purchase bids and can just simply flit from site to site. Here’s some tips:How to choose a penny auction site

The items – be sure to observe for some time that they are selling things you want. That is plural things. Acquire or lose one auction, do not purchase a $50 bid pack, and then understand you’ve no additional use for those bids. And not many websites offer refunds on fresh bids.

The prices – on websites with a lot of few auctions and users, you will not get much of a deal.

The reputation – scout around the internet a bit and see what other people think of the site. Be clever. Take this Dealdash review video below for example:

The extras – check out shipping-and-handling charges, the help section, the return policy. Be smart always.

You know what to ignore? The price of the bid. It just isn’t very important. A higher bid price means a lower winning price and vice versa.

Are Penny Auctions Legit?

The most asked question by far when it comes to penny auctions is “Are they legit?”, “Do they scam you?” or something similar. The answer is not difficult, no. They do not. Nevertheless, there are actually hundreds of penny auctions currently popping up and these new penny auction websites can frequently be scams.

Some of the big players in the industry such as Zbiddy, Dealdash, Beezid, etc. are perfectly legit sites. Sure, they’re more difficult to win. But at least you’ll learn that you’re offering in a secure environment, these penny auctions would not risk their name. Newer penny auction websites may not be considerably more difficult to win because of this reason – a user base that is reduced. Nevertheless, it’s very important you find out more about the website completely before joining.

Here are a few things to search for when it’s about unsecure sites.

Matters to try to find in a web site that is risk-free

When visiting a website that asks for sensitive info like your social security number or credit card numbers, like a cheap tanning lotion or skin rejuvenation site, the very first step to securing your privacy, you’ll be able to take is developing a powerful password. Equally significant is currently checking that any information you enter on this particular website is transmitted and saved correctly. It’s transmitted as plain text for anybody to intercept once your info is entered online. To prevent this, ensure the web site is encrypted over a secure connection.


One such hint to search for is in the website’s URL. A risk-free web site’s URL should start with “https” rather than “http”. The “s” at the ending of “http” stands for safe and is using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection. Your information will probably be encrypted before being sent to a server.


Another hint to search for is the “Lock” icon that’s shown someplace in the window of your web browser. Distinct browsers may place the lock in distinct areas.

The most usual manner penny auction websites scam is either by using a “offering robot” or just not sending out the things that you won. The only means to actually figure out if this is being done by a penny auction is by studying the website. There will not be much info accessible although this can in the majority of cases be very hard because it is such a fresh website. So in such cases, it is simply not worth the risk.